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Road Accident Paragraph Writing


Last week, I witnessed a terrible road accident. It was around 6 O'clock in the evening. I was returning home from tuition. My mother had come me to pick me up. It was a busy road and people were rushing to their places. Suddenly I noticed a speeding car and a bus coming form opposite directions, collided with one another. The car was completely destroyed. The driver of the car died on the spot. The driver of the bus was seriously injured as the front portion of the bus got damaged in the accident. Many passengers were rescued with some minor injuries. A large crowd gathered on the spot. People present there were calling for an ambulance. Soon the ambulance arrived and took away the dead. The injured were taken to the hospital. The police was called to the scene and calm things down. Slowly the crowd started dispersing. It was a horrifying accident. I cannot forget the scenes from my mind. We must all be very careful when on road and strictly adhere to the traffic rules.