Write a Short Essay Paragraph on Teacher’s Day in English | 5th September Paragraph Writing


Teacher's day is celebrated every year on 5th of September, which also marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was the second president of India. He was a great scholar and a teacher who dedicated his life towards education.


Teacher's day is an important day for everyone. This day is special day to say thank you to our teachers for their hard work and dedication. Students decorate their schools and classes to welcome and honour their teachers. They give flowers, cards and small gifts to teachers. Some schools and colleges have special programs to respect their teachers. Students give speeches to appreciate the efforts of their teachers.


Teacher's day reminds us of great role that teachers play in students' lives. They teach us many subjects and important values. They guide us become better people and help us learn new things. They help us solve many problems and make us confident. Teachers are like friends who help us grow and succeed.


Teacher's day is a special time to appreciate our great teachers. We celebrate this day to thank them for everything they do.