Application to District Collector regarding Noise Pollution during Examination/Exam Time Letter Writing


128, Ramesh Nagar


August 19, 2023


The District Collector
District Bhopal


Subject : Request to address noise pollution during examination


Respected Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter to express my concern over the problem of noise pollution affecting students during their exams in our area.


Students are currently preparing for their final exams. The excessive noise from nearby sources such as loudspeakers, public events and other disturbances is severely impacting students' concentration and performance during their crucial exams. I kindly request your intervention to curb noise pollution during exam periods. It is important to implement measures like controlling loud activities and limiting the use of loudspeakers in our area.


Your timely action would help establish a peaceful environment for students during their exams. We look forward to your positive response in this matter.


Thank you for your attention

Yours sincerely

Your name
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