Letter to friend describing your experience of Online Classes

Write a letter to your father requesting him to send money to buy books.

Room No. 21
D.A.V Hostel
New Delhi


Dear father,

I am here in good health and hope the same for you. You will be glad to know that I am performing very well in my studies. I am attending my classes regularly and getting good marks in weekly tests.

My annual examinations are approaching near. I am studying very hard to get excellent results. My teacher has recommended me some useful books which can help me to score even better in my examinations. This will cost me around Rs.2200. So I request you to send me the said amount in my bank account as soon as possible so that I can buy those books.

Please convey my best regards to mother.

Yours lovingly
(Your name)



Write a letter to your friend describing your experience of online classes.

H-10, Sector 66
Shiv Nagar
New Delhi

March 27, 2021

Dear Smriti,

I am here in good health and hope the same for you. I am writing this letter to share with you my experience of online classes.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected education system worldwide, leading to closure of schools. Due to lockdown restrictions, my school has started online classes which are very helpful. These classes have turned out to be very interesting and educational. All my teachers are trying their best to clear all my doubts. In these lockdown times, these daily routine classes, online homework, online assessments have helped me to keep up with my studies and disciplined towards learning. This has also inspired me to explore new digital learning tools.

Please write me about your experience of online learning. Convey my best regards to your parents.

Yours loving friend
(Your name)

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