Paragraph Writing on Global Warming | Short Paragraph in English



Global warming is the gradual rise in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to increased concentration of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and ozone trap the incoming solar radiation and heat from the sun. This phenomenon is called ‘Greenhouse effect.’ This leads to a rapid temperature increase. Various human activities such as industrial production, transportation, burning of fossil fuels, mining, cattle rearing and deforestation are primarily responsible for global warming. Global warming is expected to have many devastating consequences. It has led to an incredible increase in earth’s temperature. Due to this, the glaciers are melting which is causing a rise in the sea levels. It will increase in loss of natural habitat of plants and animals, extreme weather conditions and unseasonal rainfall. It has affected the coral reefs that can lead to loss of lives of plants and animals. To prevent our environment from harmful effects of global warming, we must stop exploiting our natural resources. Preventing deforestation, controlling pollution, population, and using clean sources of energy are some of the possible solutions. Global warming is a serious issue. We all should make consistent efforts to reduce this problem.





Water is a gift of God on earth. Life exists on earth because of the availability of water. All living beings like humans, animals, plants, etc. need water for their survival. It is also used for washing, cooking, cleaning and for growing crops. The major part of earth’s surface is covered with water. However, we should conserve water as there is less percentage of clean water. People should be aware of importance of water and stop wasting it. We should promote rainwater harvesting and other water-saving techniques. There should be reusing of waste water. We should refrain from misusing or overusing water resources. Groundwater conservation is another effective way of saving water. So it is very much necessary to use water properly and save our water resources for future.

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