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The term environment has been derived from a French word `Environia’ means to surround. The word environment means surroundings – the air, water and land on which people animals and plants live. Environment plays an important role in healthy living and survival of life on planet. Earth is home for different living species and we all are dependent on the environment for food, air, water and all other needs. Unfortunately a large portion of environment is under threat due to human activities. We are transforming our natural environment by constructing buildings, industries and overusing our natural resources. Deforestation, pollution, climate change, acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion etc. are the biggest threat to our environment causing its degradation. Thus, it is very important to save our environment by stopping its exploitation. Planting more trees, proper waste management and minimal use of chemicals and pesticides will help in saving our environment. Pollution, of all sorts, must be controlled. In order to restore the natural balance of environment, it is vital to use the natural resources carefully. We need to work both individually and collectively to save environment.

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`Unity is Strength’ is a very profound proverb. This proverb means that `staying together is a source of strength.’ Nothing can be attained without unity. It is an important feature of human life. It might be used to refer to families, communities and countries at large. The peace and happiness of a family depends upon the unity among the members of the family. It is the family that provides care in the time of real need and unity among the members strengthens the bond. Unity brings teamwork, co-ordination and creative thinking which is vital to the success of any organization. It increases efficiency and productivity. This proverb also holds true when it comes to the society and a nation as a whole. India is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic society. People of different religions, beliefs, customs and traditions live here. Despite such diversity, India remains a one nation. People from diverse backgrounds stay united making efforts to the nation’s progress. When the families and societies become disintegrated, then the nation also in turn becomes weak and disintegrated. It is rightly said, `United we stand, divided we fall.’ Thus the real strength lies in unity. It is essential for the mankind to stand together as one and fight against the forces that threaten its oneness.

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