Paragraph writing on Value of Time in English | Importance of Time for students Short Paragraph


Time is the greatest gift in one’s life. The value of time is great. It is more precious and valuable than money. Time once gone can never be recovered. Wasting time means wasting opportunities. One who wastes time suffers in the long run. On the other hand, one who is punctual and does his/her work properly at the right time, is sure to prosper and gain success in life. By utilizing the time properly, we can handle our workload efficiently and finish our tasks quickly. It helps us to improve our skills and reduces our stress. Without proper time management, it becomes difficult to meet the deadlines and achieve our goals. For a student, time is even more important. If a student does not study regularly, he may face problems during the exams. To make proper use of time, students should make a routine and follow it strictly. Postponement and laziness must be avoided to get the desired results. There is a true saying, “If we ruin time, it will ruin us.” We must, therefore, understand the value of time and make the right use of it in a constructive manner.


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