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Noise Pollution

Noise pollution has become a major problem all around the world. It can be defined as any disturbing or unwanted noise that harms human or wildlife. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines noise above 65 decibels (dB) as noise pollution. Like water pollution, air pollution and other forms, noise pollution has a serious impact on the lives of human beings.

There are many sources of noise pollution. Industries using heavy machinery such as generators, mills, huge exhaust fans are producing a lot of noise. Traffic noise is another reason. Similarly, social events like weddings, public gatherings, religious function involve loudspeakers create a lot of unwanted noise. The use of firecrackers during festivals is also a source of noise pollution. In addition, the construction activities like mining, construction of buildings, etc. also produce great noise. Household equipment, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, etc. also add to noise pollution.

Noise pollution can be hazardous to human health. It affects our sleep, peace and causes irritation, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Constant exposure to loud noise can result in loss of hearing. Students, patients and elderly are the worst sufferers. Noise pollution also affects animals. It can impact their listening skills and causes changes in their behavior.

To reduce noise pollution, we must follow noise pollution preventive measures. Honking in public places must be banned. In hospitals and industrial buildings, adequate sound proof system should be installed. We should turn off appliances when not in use, lower the volume of musical instruments and plant more trees.

Excessive noise is harmful to physical and mental health of the people. Following standard noise preventive measures can be helpful in reducing noise pollution to a great extent.