Essay Writing on Child labour in English



Introduction: Child labor is a big social problem in most of the under-developed and developing countries. It refers to work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children. All such work done by children under the age of 15 and dangerous work done by children under the age of 18 is illegal. Child labour deprives children of their childhood, adequate education, their potential and dignity.

Forms of child labour: Child labour extends to activities such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining and domestic service. Slavery, forced labour, debt bondage and children working in illegal activities are some of the worst forms of child labour. Nearly 1 in 10 children are subjected to child labour worldwide.

Causes: Children are forced into child labour due to multiple reasons. The most common reasons are poverty, unemployment, limited access to free education, inadequate law enforcement, violation of workers’ right and discrimination against certain groups.

Consequences: Child laborers are exposed to accidental injuries, physical abuse, sexual abuse and physical neglect like lack of adequate food, shelter and clothing. Lack of schooling and healthcare threatens their future.

How to prevent child labour? : If we wish to eradicate child labour, we need to spread awareness of the evils of child labour. Families and communities must be encouraged to fight against this problem. There is a need for more stringent laws and their effective implementation. More work opportunities for adults and sending more children to school are some of the possible solutions to prevent child labour.

Conclusion: Children are the future of any society. It is the responsibility of all the adult citizens and government to stop this practice and create a safe, healthy and better world for children.




Introduction: I live in village. The name of my village is Rampura. It is a small but beautiful village. It is located at the bottom of a mountain. It is a paradise of beauty, freshness and peace. It is linked by `pucca’ road. It is neat and clean village. The climate of my village is very pleasant.

Description of the village: The population of my village is about two thousand. Agriculture is the main occupation of many villagers. Some of them are engaged in horticulture too. There are many beautiful fields and fruit gardens. The river here is very helpful to our villagers. Many kinds of crops and all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown. There is a beautiful Shiva temple on the top of the mountain. There is a panchayat, a government school, hospital, post office and one bank in the village.

Village people: The people of my village live a simple life. They belong to different religions, castes and communities but all of them live happily and peacefully. They celebrate all festivals together. The people are hardworking, kind, healthy and innocent. People are always busy in their fields. Some are engaged in cottage industries.

Conclusion: My village is making progress. People are getting educated and infrastructure development is also taking place. I just love my village and I feel that it is an ideal village.


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