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Introduction: A library is a storehouse of knowledge. Every good school must have a well stocked library. It is an important place where both teachers and students can find the most useful books plus an ideal reading environment.

My School Library: My school has a very big library. It is housed in a big hall. There are two separate large reading rooms attached to it. The books are kept in wooden almirahs. It has hundred of books covering different subjects. It has novels, literature books, history books, magazines, science books, journals, etc. Inside the library, there are two rows of tables and chairs. Students are given library cards. We can borrow one book at a time from school library. Nobody is allowed to keep a book for more than two weeks.

Our Librarian: My school library is managed by a very trained and experienced librarian. She is a very nice lady. She has lot of knowledge about books and helps us in locating and selecting the best books. She maintains the full discipline in the library.

Conclusion: I love to visit my school library. Its calm and quite atmosphere helps students to study peacefully. I have learned discipline, punctuality and habit of hard working through my library books. I am proud of my school library.




Introduction: Many schools organize outings and school picnic which is a source of entertainment for all. Picnic gives us a good break from the daily routine of school life. Last month our Headmaster organized a picnic party for us. It was a lovely experience.

Picnic Place: The destination was a beautiful garden near our school. We all decided to get up early in the morning. We were asked to carry some food items. We also purchased some fruits, cakes and some snacks. Then we packed all the things in our school bags. In the morning, we boarded our school bus and left for the garden.

Experience: We reached the park at about 10 A.M. There were beautiful flowers and trees in the park. We found a comfortable place to sit. After eating fruits and some snacks, we play a lot of games. Our teachers took us for a walk round the park. We had our lunch at 2 P.M. Soon after the lunch, we played the music and organized a dance competition for students. We really enjoyed that part. After some rest, it was a time to return back to the schools. Teachers helped students to go back to their homes.

Conclusion: The picnic was full of fun and joy. We had spent a beautiful time in the park and learned a lot. It was a very happy and memorable day.


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